About Musiespaña


Based on the conviction that musical management and promotion must serve the interests of art, rather than the other way round, Musiespaña was created in 1989 by Humberto Orán and Juan Cambreleng, in a spirit of service to music in general and Spanish musical works in particular. The experience of its founders, in the fields of both professional music and artistic and cultural management, together with the competence and abilities of their team, soon made it possible for Musiespaña to emerge as one of the mostly highly credited management agencies in Spain and Europe.

At a time when music was experiencing a historic jump ahead in our country, rigorous, discriminating criteria were urgently needed to classify an artistic offer that had never been so wide-ranging. Musiespaña’s activity includes most aspects associated with classical music – composers, conductors, vocalists, instrumentalists, orchestras, chamber ensembles, etc. – bringing together an offer that covers the most diverse musical genres and styles. We are the exclusive representatives of many of the best-known artists who are currently active in our country, and of some of the most prestigious artists in the world.

One of our major concerns at Musiespaña has to do with our constant support of Spanish music and musicians, which has led us to commission new works from artists of the stature of Antón García Abril, Luis de Pablo, Tomás Marco or Cristóbal Halffter, among others.

Since it creation, Musiespaña has stood out in the field of vocal music, and worked with a long series of singers who are now part of the modern history of song – Teresa Berganza, Montserrat Caballé, José Carreras, Alfredo Kraus, Peter Schreier, Cheryl Studer, Pilar Lorengar, Victoria de los Ángeles, Joan Pons, Renata Scotto or Gundula Janowitz, to name but a few – while at the same time promoting the careers of our youngest and most promising talents.

In the field of instrumental music, Musiespaña has had the honour of collaborating with international soloists of the calibre of Henryk Szeryng or Yehudi Menuhin, and – in more recent times ­– conductors of the stature of George Prêtre, Rudolf Barshai, Lorin Maazel, Sir Neville Marriner, Carlos Kalmar, Yuri Ahronovitch, or Pinchas Steinberg, as well as instrumentalists such as Heinrich Schiff, Elisabeth Leonskaja, Narciso Yepes, Pepe Romero, Rudolf Buchbinder, Jorge Federico Osorio, Aldo Ciccolini, Sabine Meyer or Murray Perahia – to name but a few of the brilliant musicians who have entrusted their careers to us.

At Musiespaña it is a particular source of pride for us to permanently uphold the best interests of Spanish music and musicians, and to display the banner of a list of artists that is headed by names like Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos, Juanjo Mena, Pablo González, Antoni Ros Marbà, Eldar Nebolsin, Asier Polo or Carlos Mena, among many others – to which we must add some of the most outstanding representatives of one of the most brilliant generation of new artists to have emerged in Spain in many decades: Andrés Salado, Pablo Sáinz Villegas, Leticia Moreno, Manuel Blanco, Adolfo Gutiérrez Arenas, Jordi Bernàcer, Raquel Lojendio or Clara Mouriz, to name but a brief sample.

Since its creation in 1989, Musiespaña has organised important national and international events, including tours of Latin America, the United States and Japan, privately sponsored concerts and opera productions, with the permanent aim of promoting Spanish music and musicians.

The wide variety of projects in which Musiespaña has been involved in the past decades has made us aware of the need to offer personalised, high-quality services that meet the standards of the promoters who have entrusted us with organising and producing their events. Evidence of our successful collaborative efforts is to be found in our constant association with leading corporations such as BMW, ROVER, COFARES or GlaxoSmithKline, to name a few.

More than twenty years of experience in the industry offer proof of the fulfilment of our aims and our resounding success in the field of production. Our company enjoys enormous prestige in the public sphere, having organised musical events for the Sociedad Estatal de Conmemoraciones Culturales [State Company for Cultural Commemorations] on several occasions – the Fifth Centenary of the Discovery of America, Madrid ’92 – and practically all the public national and regional orchestras in Spain.

Musiespaña Proyectos

Musiespaña PROYECTOS was created to offer the market a new form of understanding artistic expression, from its initial stages of creation to its final mise en scène, including each and every one of its management, design, production, financing and comprehensive-communication phases. This branch of the company aims at providing the new Spanish music scene with a modern, flexible vision that relies on top-level artists and performers, and is in line with the experience and demands of the public and the dynamic nature of today’s musical market.

Musiespaña PROYECTOS offers consulting, advisory, management and production, communication, and public-relations services in the sphere of cultural activities, and most especially in the field of music. On the basis of its team’s experience, and Musiespaña’s almost twenty-five years in the business, Musiespaña PROYECTOS has at its disposal the added value of a list of top international artists, together with the reputation that its parent company has achieved in the music industry thanks to the unstinting promotion of Spanish artists through programmes of events at home and abroad. Musiespaña PROYECTOS is in an ideal position to offer public administrations, programme designers and private companies a wide-ranging catalogue of services, among which may be highlighted the following:

  • Consulting and guidance

    For private and public institutions. Assessment and analysis of project viability and implementation. Evaluation of organisational, administrative and corporate potential of institutions. Application of transparency principles. Audience ratings and capture of new demand. Assistance in negotiations, collective-bargaining agreements, institutional relations, mediation, drawing up of by-laws, corporate-social-responsibility issues, and cultural-management training in collaboration with business schools and universities.

  • Comprehensive management and production

    From inception to production. Management on demand. Delivery of “turnkey” projects. Programming of privately or publicly sponsored festivals and events. Content creation and design. Development of social inclusion products and educational projects.

  • Communication and public relations

    Comprehensive communication and 2.0 communication. Network, website, blog, and community developments; marketing; media campaigns; public relations. Customer- and audience-loyalty and relationship programmes. Presentations, content creation, and media relations.